Updating OpenFOAM case files for 3.0.x

November 30, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

OpenFOAM recently released version 3.0.0 of their open-source CFD toolbox. With an incremented major version number some non-backwards-compatible changes are expected. This post describes the ones I’ve run into thus far, and how I’ve addressed them (example).

constant/turbulenceProperties now contains all turbulence modeling parameters, rather than separating these into RASProperties and/or LESProperties files. To address this, I simply removed Model from the simulationType entry, and include the “legacy” properties file in the appropriate subdictionary.


simulationType      RASModel;


simulationType      RAS;

    #include "RASProperties"

Some fvOptions are now derived from a new cellSetOption class, which apparently expects the selectionMode and cellSet entries to be inside the option coefficients, rather than in the top level subdictionary. The fvOptions file’s default location has also been moved from system to constant, though cases will still run with the fvOptions in system.

Lastly, the divergence scheme keyword for the effective viscous stress has been renamed. To fix this, simply change div((nuEff*dev(T(grad(U))))) to div((nuEff*dev2(T(grad(U))))) in system/fvSchemes.divSchemes.

There are surely more changes to be made, but these are the ones I found absolutely necessary to get cases running again. Please leave a comment if you encounter any additional snags migrating your own.