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turbinesFoam – An OpenFOAM extension library for actuator line CFD simulations.

ACSpy – A Python package for working with ACS motion controllers.

daqmx – A Python wrapper for the National Instruments DAQmx Driver.

Nortek-Python – A Python package for working with Nortek instruments and data.

TurbineDAQ – A desktop GUI app for automating turbine experiments with the UNH turbine test bed.

Tow – A simple interface for controlling the UNH Tow/Wave Tank’s tow system.

MakeWaves – An application for controlling the UNH Tow/Wave Tank’s wavemaker system.

BBpystepper – A Python module for controlling stepper motors with the BeagleBone Black.

Mechanical design, engineering, fabrication

Diesel Explorer – Cummins B3.3 turbo diesel engine transplanted into a 1995 Ford Explorer to obtain 30+ MPG.

YZ Traversing Carriage – 2-axis linear motion system for automated instrument positioning.

1:6 Scale DOE RM2 – Open dataset for model validation created with a newly built DOE Reference Model 2 cross-flow turbine and the UNH-CORE turbine test bed.

UNH Tow Tank – Redesign and rebuild of the tank’s linear motion, control, and data acquisition systems.

UNH-CORE Turbine Test Bed – Structure and instrumentation for turbine testing in the UNH tow tank.